Kansas City Shooting Masters

Club Information

Fee Schedule:

Annual KCSM Membership: $20

Member match fee: $15

Non-member match fee: $20

Second gun: + $5

Become a Member Today:

  1. Be an IDPA and NRA member
  2. Fill out our online application online application

  3. Show up at a match to take orientation and pay your membership fee

IDPA Rules:

All are PDFs you can view online, or download.

We are an IDPA-affiliated club operating matches on the last Saturday of each month the Mill Creek Rifle Club. Dates may shift one week early for holidays. During the summer, gates are open for setup at 7:30 am, and the match starts at 9 am. During the winter, gates open at 8:30 and the match starts at 10.

Engaging a series of targets with the Kansas City Shooting Masters

Match Requirements

Membership in the Kansas City Shooting Masters is not mandatory for participation in our IDPA matches, but you must have completed the New Shooter requirements, and non-members will pay an additional match fee.

Non-member match fee
Club member match fee
Shoot a second gun
+ $5

("Second gun" means firing two guns on all stages of the match. When there are side matches such as the annual BUG match, you can switch to shoot your BUG on those stages for free without paying the additional registration fee. For scorekeeping, you have to shoot the same gun, or division at least, for each gun registered on all stages aside from this.)

All shooting is by squads, with each squad proceeding as a group from one course of fire / range to the next in turn. Every member of the squad is expected to be present for the entire match, and help as needed or directed to include safety officer, scorekeeping, range maintenance and cleanup, and range teardown.

Scorekeeping and match signup is on Practiscore. See the Calendar for links to sign up for the next match.

Membership Requirements

A membership with the Kansas City Shooting Masters club is separate from IDPA national membership. To apply for membership fill out this online form, then just show up for your first match, and tell us your name so we can confirm your information, and take your payment

All memberships expire annually at the end of January. The club will host membership sign up sessions in December and January, where we will provide computers to enter the information, if you forget to do it in advance.

Membership requirements:

  • A completed membership application.
  • $20 annual membership fee (cash or check only)
  • Proof of a current membership in the NRA or another national 2nd Amendment rights preservation organization. The relevant information will be entered on the form, but you may be asked to provide proof of membership, such as the card.
  • Sign up for three dates to design courses of fire. This is included on the membership form when your register.

Additional Membership Requirements

By the third match you participate in as a Kansas City Shooting Masters member, you must either present a valid IDPA membership or submit a paid application for membership through our offices.

New Shooters

Current members of the Kansas City Shooting Masters are those who have shot a KCSM match within the last 12 months. All others are considered new shooters, regardless of previous experience with any type of shooting.

New shooters must attend a brief orientation, held before every match. Be sure to be waiting at the eastern-most range – Multi-Purpose Range 4 – half an hour after the gates open, where the orientation class will occur. Orientation starts promptly; there is no waiting for late admission. There is no cost for the orientation.

Please be sure to bring:

  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection
  • A handgun suitable for use in IDPA, unloaded and cased or holstered
  • At least two magazines, speed loaders or other ammo carrying devices as needed
  • At least 100 rounds of ammunition, to cover both the orientation and the match
  • An IDPA-approved holster, mounted to a secure belt
  • A cover garment

You will be given a brief orientation about procedures, and will be required to demonstrate safe and competent skills with your handgun as directed by the safety officer.

If the safety officer indicates that you need additional training, you are encouraged to observe the match to learn, and will be given suggested resources to seek additional training. You may return for new shooter orientation the very next month, and as often as needed.

Your First Match

All those who pass orientation may immediately shoot the match that follows. The new shooter orientation is brief, so to be sure you understand and abide by all IDPA, range, or club procedures, as well as to be introduced to the rest of the membership, you will be assigned an experienced club member to guide you through the process of your first match.

Your club member guide, the safety officer running the individual course of fire, or others, may offer tips, tricks, pointers, or correction of actions. These are always offered helpfully, to encourage safety, proper use of rules, and to improve your shooting.

Membership Renewal

Memberships run for one year, through the January match date. Renewals are promoted at the December and January matches, and you should get links to renew in the email at that time.

For renewal, you only need:

  • Fill out the short 2023 renewal form, to pick three dates to assist with course design.
  • Pay the annual membership dues of $20, cash or check, at your next match.

You can renew, instead of submitting a new membership application, outside these times as liong as we have your information on file. If you haven't shot with us in a year or more, email the Club Secretary and we'll advise which one to use.

Membership gives us slightly more money to buy equipment to improve the club, and pays off with discounted admission. For pure financial sense to you, shooting 8 matches a year with us is break-even, 9 or more and you come out ahead buying a membership.

Maintaining Your Membership

KCSM membership requirements such as current IDPA and NRA (or equivalent) membership are ongoing requirements. At each match we will check for expired credentials, and you will be required to show proof of renewal at that time.

Be prepared and keep your cards with you, or email the Club Secretary when you renew, and we'll update your records immediately, without waiting in line at the registration table on a club match day.

All Members Must Help Create Courses of Fire

Club members are required to design at least three courses of fire each year. More than one person may be assigned to a single bay in a single month; coordinate and collaborate to develop the course of fire, instead of just letting one person do it all. Submit your design via email to the Match Director at least 10 days before the match. You may get feedback and have to change it to comply with current rules, safety, or range restrictions.

Templates to help you design, and legibly write and draw the course of fire are available in Microsoft Powerpoint (PPTX) and Open Document Presentation (ODP) formats.

If available on match day, the designers should go to their assigned range to explain and guide the setup. This will help speed setup, and clarify the intent if any changes need to be made for safety and availability of equipment. Post the written instructions near the start position once setup is complete

Courses of fire almost always change once set up. Anyone setting up must note any changes to the original plan, or add any clarifications that are required. Just write them in pen on the original course description.

After setup, the match designers will then shoot the match as usual; each squad runs themselves through the course of fire which is why we need written instructions posted. Everyone will help tear down. Please be present for teardown and clearly label any personal supplies, props, or other items you wish to get back afterwards.

If you miss your scheduled date without prior notice, arranging for a replacement (or a very good excuse) you will pay to shoot at non-member rates until a time can be schedule for you to make this up.

What Your Dues and Fees Pay For

Although all club staff and roles are entirely uncompensated for their work, it costs money to put on matches. Our fee structure changes periodically, based entirely on our changing costs, but are as low as we can make them.

For each match we must pay range fees, and items such as targets, pasters, and sometimes scoring paperwork, is consumed. Almost all of your match fee goes to these one-time expenses and consumables we can't change.

The club as a whole has expenses to exist as a legal entity, must pay large insurance premiums, and makes other recurring operational costs such as the hosting of this website.

We also retain a small amount extra from each set of fees, which accumulates over time and allows the club to pay for larger capital expenses such as repairs or replacements for steel targets, storage equipment, scoring devices, and other costs.

Privacy and Security

We hoped it went without saying that we use your information entirely for club operations purposes, and do not share it with anyone, much less sell your information to marketing, etc. All information is stored online for easier operations, but is secured so only Board members have access to it.

If you do not wish to submit your information through our online forms, we can accept membership and renewal information in person at the match day registration table.