Kansas City Shooting Masters

KCSM Shooting Ranges

Matches are held on the last Saturday of each month

Holidays – and on occasion other schedule conflicts – may cause the date to shift one week early. Always check the Calendar.

Matches start at 9 am in the summer, 10 am in winter but arrive 1 - 1-1/2 hours early to help set up and be checked in.

All course of fire are held on the south ranges, LE-3 and MP4.

Kansas City Shooting Masters club matches are held at the Mill Creek Rifle Club in DeSoto, Kansas on the last Saturday of each month, year round.

Holidays – and on occasion other schedule conflicts – may cause the date to shift one week early. Always check the Calendar.

Mill Creek Rifle Club

During 2020 we moved, and most or all matches are held outdoors at MCRC.

Summer Schedule

  • Gate is open at 7:30 am
  • Registration starts by 8 am
  • New shooter orientation starts promptly at 8 am
  • Meeting before start of shooting 9 am

Winter Schedule

  • Gate is open at 8:30 am
  • Registration starts by 9 am
  • New shooter orientation starts promptly at 9 am
  • Meeting before start of shooting 10 am

Mill Creek Rifle Club

7215 Gardner Road
De SotoKS 66018
United States

Mill Creek is a private, members-only range. We are using it with permission (and payment). The gate will be open only during the match time. Those who are not members of the range cannot use the range outside of the KCSM match.

The range facility is active at all times. The clubhouse, for example, is immediately adjacent to a 300 yd rifle line with steel roof so eye and (especially) ear protection is encouraged from the moment you exit the vehicle.

Per MCRC rules "Appropriate eye and ear protection is required when near the firing lines, whether shooting is in progress or not," since this is a dense and active range. Please do not only put on eye or ear protection when shooting starts for your particular range or course of fire. You can read the complete MCRC Range Rules.

The ranges we operate from have a unique flag system that must be used. Whenever the range is set up and ready to be shot, display two flags that will be on a post at the rear-most firing line. Display both flags: Black (range hot) and Red (people are operating downrange of the flagged line). When cleaning up at the end of the club match, also be sure to roll up the flags and place them upside down back in their tubes.

South Ranges

KCSM shoots most matches at the ranges on the south end of the facility. These are designated LE 1, LE 2, LE 3 and MP4. From the rear-most firing line to the berm varies from about 70 - 100 yards on these ranges, so there's plenty of room. The "LE" ranges are used for law enforcement agency training when scheduled, during the week. the "MP" range is a multi-purpose range for general club use. All four ranges are reserved for exclusive use of KCSM for the duration of the match.

To get to these, either: drive straight down the entry road, and turn right at the benchrest range, past the large steel Pavillion building, through the High Power range, and they will be immediately off the road to the left. You may instead turn right immediately after entering the range entry gate, and take the Law Enforcement access road around the back side of the High Power range. This is a one lane road with limited visibility so please drive slowly and carefully.

Only park in parking areas to the left and (sometimes) right of the road. Do not park on or along roads without parking areas, on grassland or farm fields, or on the dirt/grass of the ranges themselves (they are soft and are damaged by vehicle traffic). Be careful not to block in other vehicles or prevent access to entryways to storage or other buildings, or dumpsters, when parking. Remember we will have 3-4 ranges reserved, so you can park on any of them and walk a short distance if the parking area at one is full.

KCSM stores all our equipment in or adjacent to a CONEX (steel shipping container) on the MP4 range. Especially if you have a truck and are willing to move equipment, early arrivals on range days should go there first to help move equipment to help set up.

Check in from gate-open time, and the shooter's meeting later, will occur at the shed and shelter on the LE2 range each month.

The range has since been expanded to the south especially, so past the two Law Enforcement ranges shown are two more. The shotgun range is moved and is south of the Multipurpose Range.

Numbered Ranges

We may due to scheduling or maintenance reasons sometimes shoot on the ranges to the north, normally ranges 3, 4, and 5. To get to these, drive straight down the entry road, and turn left at the benchrest range, past the Clubhouse, then right again at the 15 yard pistol range (expanded from the 10 yard range on the map above). Equipment storage is at the end of Range 5, so go there and ask to get assigned set up tasks.

While you may unload your equipment or use your vehicles to help set up at the ranges, before shooting starts you must move your vehicle to the parking lot, the large gravel area in front of the clubhouse.