Kansas City Shooting Masters

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Membership Requirements:

  • You must have a current, valid Bullet Hole range membership to shoot in any capacity with KCSM
  • You must have proof of a current membership in the NRA or another 2nd Amendment rights preservation organization
  • You must commit to working as SO or Assistant SO at two matches per year

Fee Schedule:

Annual KCSM Membership: $20

Non-member match fee: $17

Member match fee: $12

Second gun: $2

Become a Member Today:

Download, fill out and print a membership form (264 kb Adobe PDF) now.

Attend a New Shooter Orientation before your first match.

We are an IDPA affiliated club operating matches on the last Saturday of each month, as well as a nationally-recognized major match in the spring of each year.

Engaging a series of targets with the Kansas City Shooting Masters

All new shooters must complete an orientation course before their first match. The course covers safe conduct on the ranges, as well as the rules, policies and procedures of IDPA and USPSA (IPSC).

Classes are held the second Tuesday of each month. At least three participants must be signed up or the class for that month will be cancelled. You may not attend unless you contact the Match Director, Tommy Herken in advance:
Send an Email
or call 913 651 4767 between 7:30 & 5:30 weekdays, except holidays
or call 913-683-3703 at other reasonable hours

Equipment and time requirements will be posted shortly

  • A $30 fee for the course time and materials