Kansas City Shooting Masters

KCSM Shooting Ranges

Matches are held on the last Saturday of each month

Holidays, and rarely other schedule conflicts, may cause the date to shift one week early. Always check the Calendar.

We shoot most of the year at Mill Creek Rifle Club in DeSoto, Kansas, and a few winter months at The Bullet Hole in Shawnee. See the Calendar for where specific matches will be held.

The Bullet Hole

We now shoot only a few months of the year in the basement ranges at the Bullet Hole. It is usually December through February but check the calendar before you head out.

The range opens officially at 10 am. Sometimes we have permission to arrive earlier to set up, but this varies. We will try to update this and include the permitted arrival time when sending the pending match emails. Do not try to argue the point with staff at the time, no matter what our instructions say, though. Just wait and we'll be allowed in eventually.

The Bullet Hole

6201 Robinson
Overland ParkKS 66202
United States

The range is just north of Shawnee Mission Parkway on Robinson, a block or two west of Metcalf Ave. Park on the street, in the gravel lot to the north of the building or in the paved lot to the south, which they also own.

You will have to show your Bullet Hole membership card as soon as you enter. Do not attempt to drop off your equipment then come back to do this.

We shoot in the basement ranges. Once checked in at the front counter, go down the stairs to the left, and to the end of the hall. You can drop off your stuff in the Classroom, register, and assist with setup.

It is an indoor range, so anyone shooting on it anywhere is loud and potentially dangerous (the trap is shared with the upstairs ranges) so eye and ear protection is encouraged on the entire range even when we are there early as there is no warning when shooting starts. In addition, absolutely no food or drink is allowed on the range; there are cameras and range staff will notice and interrupt us if you bring a drink onto the range.